Resources to support your spiritual awakening journey. 

LightSight has other names

and is taught in other countries

Explore the many academies and schools that are actively teaching variations of LightSight:

These schools (as well as LightSight) are bringing awakening to humanity. We are evolving into intuitive beings with knowing and certainty, rather than hunch. This is the next evolutionary phase of humanity!

Individual Classes for Adults via Zoom

The Best Blackout Meditation Masks

For LightSight, Meditations and General Spiritual practice

Ideally your mask should fit comfortably, have no visible light peeking through and allow you to open your eyes inside the mask in complete darkness.

I’m an affiliate for the Manta Mask and recieve a commission when your purchase from this link at no additional cost to you. They’re awesome – and they have kids ones too!