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You are an Evolving Energetic Being having an Energetic Experience

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Community, Group, One-on-one

I just want to say that this was so fun. And even when I wasn’t getting it and other people were, I was like “YES”. It was amazing to see because I think we all had glimpses of when we were seeing things and we were like “holy crap”. I know I did, but seeing it with other people also kind of confirms that it’s possible like you said. I had the best time. This was awesome! Thank you so much.


LightSight Workshop, January 21st 2023

Private Telegram Community

The LightSight community is about supporting your journey seeing with your Light, seeing blindfolded and sharing these experiences in a safe environment. As a community we celebrate this learning space to understand our energetic nature, explore the unlimited potential of the human consciousness, practice developing psychic abilities and practice weekly together as a group!

  • Two monthly Live LightSight Group Sessions
  • One Monthly Live Q&A recorded for your convenience
  • Tips, Resources and Discussions
  • Private Sharing Community
  • Encouragement to find a Practice Partner

You will walk away with an experience seeing with your light, knowing how to practice on your own, the inspiration to know you are more than your physical body and an opportunity to connect with likeminded people!

Individual Classes for Adults via Zoom

Seeing with your Light


Develop universal consciousness to access your innate knowledge and wisdom.

  • See with your Light Blindfolded

  • Combining Energy Techniques & Guided Meditations

  • Expand your Intuition

  • Enhance your Psychic Gifts

  • Remote Viewing Up Close & In Real Time

  • Own your Innate Intuitive Gifts

Classes are on zoom scheduled individually & recorded.

Individual Classes for Adults or Child with Parent Present via Zoom



Peaceful, inspiring, liberating!

“Seeing with my light is familiar; what is even more familiar at this time is how I desire to control everything my sense experience – this is where I think the separation lies. I am grateful people are remembering their gifts & abilities. I am thankful for people like, Niki who help others rediscover these truths. My session with her was peaceful & inspiring – liberating. She helped prime the space with a guided meditation as we grounded ourselves into the earth allowing the wonderful light source to move from above into our crown, through our body and deep into the earths core. Niki is extremely great at redirecting the attention when she sees cues that show the person veering. We tend to put boarders and parameters around every thought – as adults. As children, a thought comes, flows through us as hosts and leaves swiftly. We don’t question things like we do today. We obsess today. Adults obsess. Children create – and this is where we are headed. Thank you Niki for reminding us to incorporate the element of play so that we may find our power. Harness and create a brighter world.”

Finnikin Tyler Lee


Absolutely amazed!

“Thank you Niki! What an amazing experience to work one on one with you. I have been following you since earlier in the year and have been absolutely amazed by the work you have been doing. You share your knowledge with the world and some find it hard to believe but once one looks more into it they will see there is some great work being done around the world. For anyone wanting to elevate themselves consider a one on one with Niki she will give you the tools and knowledge so that you may continue to grow on your own!”


Excellent Class

“Excellent class, enjoyed the group engagement, and I was able to introduce lightsight to my daughters using the same concepts and techniques.”

BLew me away!

“My experience was fun, exciting and super interesting! I love incorporating what I’ve learned into our families daily lives. After 1 class I was able to practice with my kids and husband (who did amazing his 1st time, way better than me lol) This program is awesome, the weekly lessons are fun while also being educational. My girls look forward to practicing, we even brought our materials and masks on vacation. The kids blew me away with their immediate skills, Im so grateful for this course and Niki!!”

so much fun!

“I had so much fun, I have never done a group zoom before, I found all the members polite and friendly and respectable of everyone’s time. Thank you so much!”