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What are the main services?

My offerings include online programs for parents and kids as well as adult classes.

What do your services provide?

Understanding that we are energetic beings having an energetic experience. Offerings expand your awareness, enhance your gifts, strengthen your psychic abilities and assist in the awakening process.

Are the classes Live?

LightSight is Live on Zoom. Sessions are group and not recorded

The Children’s Intuitive Development Program has a weekly live schedule to go with the program (offered twice a year). Enroll anytime and do it on your own!

Are LightSight classes included in the Children’s Intuitive Development Program?

Yes. I teach children LightSight virtually with parent present. I can teach parents and other adults LightSight too!

The Children’s Intuitive Development Program is FOUNDATIONAL in learning about our true energetic nature and what that means in the grander scale.

What programs are for kids?

The Children’s Intuitive Development Program (8 week program)

LightSight 1 on 1 with child (parent must be present)

What programs are for Adults?

LightSight is a program for adults.

Soon to release “Intuitive” development for adults!

Are there any prerequisites?

No prerequisites required for The Children’s Intuitive Development Programs. Enroll and experience the online program on your own time.

The LightSight program requires you have taken the previous practice and maintained your skill as each class expands on previous skills.

The Gift of Seeing with your light

Learning to See without your Physical Eyes is the most Expansive Experience for your Spiritual Development