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Excellent Class

“Excellent class, enjoyed the group engagement, and I was able to introduce lightsight to my daughters using the same concepts and techniques.”

BLew me away!

“My experience was fun, exciting and super interesting! I love incorporating what I’ve learned into our families daily lives. After 1 class I was able to practice with my kids and husband (who did amazing his 1st time, way better than me lol) This program is awesome, the weekly lessons are fun while also being educational. My girls look forward to practicing, we even brought our materials and masks on vacation. The kids blew me away with their immediate skills, Im so grateful for this course and Niki!!”

so much fun!

“I had so much fun, I have never done a group zoom before, I found all the members polite and friendly and respectable of everyone’s time. Thank you so much!”

Seeing Blindfolded Classes


Develop universal consciousness to access your innate knowledge and wisdom.

  • See with your Light Blindfolded
  • Combining Energy Techniques & Guided Meditations
  • Expand your Intuition
  • Enhance your Psychic Gifts
  • Remote Viewing Up Close & In Real Time
  • Own your Innate Intuitive Gifts

You will walk away with an experience seeing with your light, knowing how to practice on your own, the inspiration to know that you are more than your physical body and an opportunity to connect with likeminded people!

About Me

Intuitive Spiritual Practitioner

Tuned and Inspired Soul focuses on the spiritual work of tuning into the limitless potential of source and allowing inspiration to carry you to your fullest growth and potential. Niki believes we can all tune in and be inspired for our soul’s journey. 

It is important in today’s world to learn how to tap into our own innate power and wisdom

Niki has a passion for empowering adults, children & parents through spiritual exploration of gifts, intuition and self-confidence in order to collectively awaken humanity. 



Animal Spirit Guide Meditation for Kids

Bring your child the gift of connecting with a benevolent and powerful animal spirit guide that can support your child:

  • to get to sleep
  • feel comforted when hurt
  • feel supported when confused
  • feel safe when alone
  • be protected and guided

Enjoy this meditation and PDF together and share your experience meeting your animal spirit guide

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